Karim Zidan: Being An Other


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In this episode our founder Nour Hassan speaks to journalist, author, and translator turned art collector Karim Zidan. After a stint with DJ-ing in his early years, Zidan turned to his love for writing and made a career as a sports-politics journalist, with numerous bylines at The Guardian, VOX Media, Foreign Policy among others.
In a major turn of events and upon rediscovering his famous Grandmother Menhat Helmy's art estate in Egypt, Zidan began a quest to revive and restore the work of one of Egypt's greatest Modern artists and etchers Menhat Allah Helmy. Zidan founded online journal The Popular Chorus in 2020, which he refers to as a repository of Arab art, literature and culture, and the first to be written and available in English.
To check out Menhat Helmy's work visit @menhathelmy and to read more on Arab arts & culture visit www.popularchorus.com.

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