Yassin Gad El Hak: Mind Over Matter


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In the episode our founder Nour Hassan speaks to fitness coach Yassin Gad El Hak on his journey exploring and mastering a variety of fitness sports including Pilates, Capoeira, Football, Weightlifting, and Boxing. We talk about recovering from injuries, overcoming substance abuse, the importance of mind over matter, securing partnerships with brands such as PUMA Middle East, and using sports as a form of salvation. Yassin is part of the team at LA7 Gym currently located at The G Hotel at SEASHELL.
To connect with Yassin follow him on @coach_yassin or visit @la7gym.
This episode is brought to you by The G Hotel at SEASHELL. Our partner for the summer and a space where holistic living meets opulent art, design, music, gastronomy, and more. For more information and bookings visit www.thegseashell.com or @thegseashell.

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