WS784: Difficulties Raising Your First $1 Million with Joe Robert


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Raising your first million can be tough, but with the right track record and a healthy network of investors, you’ll get to the finish line in good time. This is a lesson that Joe Robert learned during his years in the game and he joins us today to share more about his journey. In this episode, we talk to Joe about the many sides of real estate he is involved in, his approach to raising capital, the tax benefits of being a Puerto Rico resident, and a whole lot more! Joe started real estate in 2001 at the age of 19 and has invested in over 100 residential properties and 40 commercial properties since. He is also involved in note investing, having acquired over 2,800 residential mortgages over eight years. Our discussion with Joe begins with a story about how he got into the game, and he highlights the value of his experience in the contracting industry, his first purchase, and the challenges involved.

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