WS802: Insider Secrets to Passive Investing with James Kandasamy


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This is the episode for passive investors who want to make smarter investments in syndicated commercial real estate, specifically multifamily, and today’s guest is James Kandasamy, who has the insider secrets! Since establishing Achieve Investment Group, LLC in 2015, James has syndicated nine large apartment complexes, totaling 1,700 units, and has grown his portfolio to more than $130 million. His pragmatic skills in solid communication, interpersonal, analytical, and organizational leadership skills as well as his deep-rooted background in real estate investment are what makes him unique. With over six years of experience in real estate and more than four years in multifamily acquisitions and asset management, James harnesses his experience to drive to offer clients firsthand vertically integrated services and multi-family investment funding off-market deals, asset, construction, and property management.
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