How To Create High-Converting Sales Funnels with Talia Wolf (NEWBIE)


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So there are an awful lot of us doing the do. Standing out the front of our businesses, jumping up and down, and spinning a flashy sign in the hopes that customers will come our way.

But how do you keep your customers’ attention once they do actually show up? How do you lead them in, establish a connection, build trust and of course sell them stuff, and have them come back again and again? How do you lure them into your sticky tube, so to speak?

Today I’ll be addressing all of that with the help of my excellent guest Talia Wolf, as we talk about sales funnels.

Tune in to learn:

  • What sales funnels are, and how they can convert your customers
  • What a conversion optimization expert does
  • How to optimise your landing page without completely redesigning it
  • Ways to use emotional targeting in your marketing
  • The purpose of a Thank you Page
  • Tips for developing your email marketing campaign

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