Reality SEO: Gavin Hodgins: How I fiddled with my Digital Marketing rudder in 2020 (REALITY)


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In my Reality SEO episodes, I like to focus on real humans grappling with the Google beast and Digital Marketing.

Yes I get lots of marketing professionals, copywriters, and web developers passing through my slippery funnel of courses and resources, but I also get real business humans

Or those who, while they may know how to run a successful business, have studiously avoided dealing with the marketing side of things.

This week I’m talking to Gavin Hodgins, a Recipe course graduate and member of my mentoring community, the Digital Masterchefs.

Gavin runs FloatPac and Floating Solar, and prides himself on being the kind of CEO that gets involved in every level of operations.

Today we’re talking about Gavin’s ongoing relationship with digital marketing, the highs, the lows, and how he’s kept the passion alive all these years.

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