Super Simple SEO in 2021 with Cyrus Shepard (NEWBIE)


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So usually around this time of year, I do an SEO predictions podcast.

But you know what I’m over it, the world and their rabbit has an SEO podcast these days, and everyone does a predictions podcast, so no.

It’s not happening here.

And also the predictions are always the same.

Voice search will be bigger. Optimise for EAT. SERPs will change. Schema blah blah blah.

Obviously, we have the page experience update coming in May 2021 but we’ve covered that in our episode with Peter and we’ll do more around that time.

And here’s another thing. The more SEO changes the more it stays the same.

And most people (and yes I know it’s not all) are not even getting the basics right, so there’s no need for them to get sweaty about all the complex next-level stuff.

In this episode to kick off 2021, I’m speaking to one of my fave SEO experts (and one of the few funny ones) Cyrus Shepard about why we should get back to basics with SEO.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why simple SEO factors matter, and which should come first
  • Whether you should target keywords
  • What “fresh” content is
  • Why unique content is still important
  • The purpose of crawlability, crawl budgets, and 404 redirects
  • How relevant backlinks are to Google

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