Understanding Google’s Web Speed Report with Peter Macinkovic (TECHIE)


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Remember the early days of the internet?

Back when bandwidth was a total joke, and every browser took a few minutes to warm up.

It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

These days we have no time for slow sites. And nor does Google.

I want to open 10 different tabs at once and have them all working in less time than it takes a greasy penguin to slide down a hill.

And you guessed it, search engines have a similar opinion when it comes to website speed, so much so that most SEO experts consider it a core ranking factor.

And they try to help us, giving us nifty tools to help us measure and fix our site speed, well they’re kind of nifty, and also kind of impossible to understand!

But fear not, today I’m talking to Peter Macinkovic about how to understand Google’s web speed reports, and how to use them to turn your website turbo.

Tune in to learn:

  • What site speed reports are
  • Understanding and interpreting reports
  • How Google measures the speed
  • How site speed impacts your Google ranking
  • Report Opportunities: what they mean and how to enact them
  • Report Diagnostics: what they mean and how you can adjust your website.
  • Tips for using Google Page Insights Tool

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