#191 Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. - Rugged & Vintage Apparel & Leather Goods. Founder Xan Hood Sharing His Story.


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This podcast episode was originally recorded on Nov 5th, 2018. Since Buffalo Jackson is a part of our current Adventure Travel giveaway we wanted to bring this episode back from the archives. We've cleaned up the audio a bit and hope that you enjoy the episode with founder Xan Hood talking about his journey in building Buffalo Jackson.

Josh sits down with Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. founder Xan Hood. Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. is a lifestyle brand delivering vintage and outdoors apparel and leather bags and goods. Their mission? Nurturing and cultivating a style that encapsulates man’s yearning to be in nature, while being caged in an urban or suburban setting. This vision of founder Xan Hood’s was originally born while on a men’s retreat, realizing that there was this need and love for all things outdoors, regardless of whether you were fully engaged or not. With that, he also realized the lack of quality and stylish apparel that told this story and supported this instinctual lust for the outdoors and heritage. With Buffalo Jackson gaining so much traction in the last year, it’s no wonder they recently expanded from solely men’s apparel and goods to an exploding women’s line as well. Want to find out more? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to this week's episode.

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