Ep. 24 : Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin With Trace Mayer


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Bitcoin. Everyone and their mother has heard of it, some people have invested in it and have actually become over night millionaires. Others say that it is a scam and a pyramid scheme. The price of a single Bitcoin now hovers around $4,700. Beginners are now starting to buy only a fraction of a coin because of the steep price. However, depending on who you ask this may be a discount compared to what we might see in the future. The future of cryptocurrency is both exciting and scary. Could this be the second coming of the internet?

As exciting as Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrenises are, there is also a lot of specuatltion and fear surrounding the asset class. I wanted to get an excellent authority on The Reed Harvey Show to explain Bitcoin to set the record straight regarding the coin.

Introducing Bitcoin authority Trace Mayer. Trace maybe one of the smartest people that I have spoken with in a long long time. Trace is an entrepreneur, investor, journalist, and monetary scientist. He holds a degree in accounting and a law degree. He is the podcast host of the very popular Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast. Trace is recognized in the Bitcoin community as a trustworthy authority. It is safe to say Trace knows exactly what he is talking about.

Trace was publicly advocating Bitcoin when it cost 25 cents. He was a very early investor in many large Bitcoin Startup companies.

In this interview we cover the past, present and future of the monetary system and why the world may need Bitcoin in the future.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Brief history of the monetary system
  • Introduction into Bitcoin
  • The history of Bitcoin
  • Why so many people are so skeptical about investing in Bitcoin
  • If Bitcoin is similar to the Tulip Mania of the 1600
  • Whether Bitcoin is in a Bubble or not
  • How regulation might affect Bitcoin
  • Traces predictions of where Bitcoin will be heading in the future
  • What could possibly take Bitcoin down

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Glacier Protocol



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