Ep. 22: How To Become A Happier Person With Dr. Robert Puff


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Dr. Robert Puff is a clinical Psychologist and host of the Happiness Podcast, which is one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes. Dr. Puff has been featured by Psychology Today, the Discovery Channel, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many other media outlets for his incredible advice on mental health.

In this episode, Dr. Puff and I sit down and discuss a question that plagues mankind. How can a person become happier in life? The media portrays that you need money, fame, or power to really be happy. Is this really true? You will hear Dr. Puffs thoughts on the matter.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How you can become a happier person
  • What Hedonic Adaptation is
  • Why it is important to appreciate the small and the large things in life
  • How you can be happy no matter what your life circumstances are
  • How to become a positive person
  • Why it is important not to be self-critical

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