The Unwearable Red Meat Hat


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Jonah joins us on a feature-length Relaxed Fit™ episode of the Ruminant in which he discusses his innate wish to continue speaking as a conservative without the sacrifice of genuinely-held principles. An important trait for a moment where that simply doesn’t happen often. In the first half, Jonah also addresses the “autoimmune problem” (both literal and figurative) of American youth as they continuously fail to prove themselves in tests of emotional fragility, and he makes a shocking claim about the Jaws sequels that must only be heard to be believed.

Show Notes:

-Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, stolen

-The Friday G-File

-Kevin Williamson and Jonah talk “doubling down on yeehaw”

-BIG IF TRUE: Jaws 2 is good???

-Michael Powell on the insanity at Smith College

-Oberlin student mistakes person in blanket for Klansman

-A landmine-filled G-File on language

-The intentionally meandering G-File from two Fridays ago

- “The Murphy Brown thing”

-What might a “red meat hat” even look like?

-Bill Kristol’s “trial balloon”

-“The Irony of Bill Kristol”

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