EP 456: The Business of Guiding and Outfitting with Rocky Crandell


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Welcome to the Rich Outdoors, where I sit down with guests of all kinds to discuss adventure, hunting and entrepreneurship. I am constantly looking to grow and expand and hopefully along the way add value to you the listener as well.

In todays podcast I am joined by Rocky Crandell, an Instructor at the University of Montana Western in Dillon. Rocky joins me to chat about the outdoor industry, the business of guides and outfitters and the pot holes of entrepreneurship. Rocky shares some of his own struggles along the way and we discuss some of the trends we see within the guide and outfitter space. I hope you guys enjoy this conversation and if you have an questions be sure to follow up with Rocky


Show Notes:
Intro – 0:04:13
About Rocky Crandell – 0:06:46
Career Start, Ventures, & Transitions – 0:13:42
Speed Bumps of Your Own Business – 0:22:03
University Montana Western’s New Guide & Outfitter Degree – 0:33:57
The “Outdoor Industry” & How It’s Changing – 0:44:00
The Current Value of a College Education – 0:54:18
Content Creation & the Future – 0:59:51
If You Could Go Back In Time – 1:09:41
Where to Learn More & Contact Rocky – 1:13:48

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