Relax After the Vax (Full Zeoli Show 02-24-21)


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Today on the Zeoli Show, after getting the vaccine, people should be able to relax from the stress of the last year during the pandemic. Yet, teacher unions are still fighting the idea of in-school learning despite all major experts saying it’s safe. Dr. Fauci is completely pessimistic on people resuming their lives even after they are vaccinated. Greg Manco, a professor at St. Joseph's University, joined Rich after he was placed on paid leave for a tweet. Cancel culture comes for one of our own.

00:00-Teacher unions completely ignore the challenges poor families with children are facing without having in-school learning

21:00-1210 WPHT wine club with Rich Zeoli!

24:00- Greg Manco, a professor at St. Joseph's University, joined Rich discussing him being placed on paid leave due to tweet he sent that criticized reparations for slavery in the United States.

34:15-Beavis and Butt-head rock out.

40:40-Members of the original 9/11 commission warn Pelosi on holding 9/11 commission style hearing for Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

47:10-Wasteful spending in the proposal $1.9 trillion stimulus bill.

1:02:10-Fans could return to the stands for the Phillies home opener.

1:11:40-Fauci is still against indoor dining, theaters, etc even if you're fully vaccinated.

1:14:45-Facui shouldn't be the spokesperson on COVID-19 anymore

1:43:30-"Comedian" Bernie Sanders appears on Jimmy Kimmel

1:51:15-Matt Rooney of Save Jersey joined Rich to discuss the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey and the new "warning" system police must use when handling minors caught with marijuana or even drinking alcohol. The new warning system leaves out the parents' knowledge of the situation with their teenager on the first offense.

2:08:00-Networks gush over the Obama/Springsteen podcast "Renegades"

2:10:50-Stupid laws in California, Illinois and Michigan

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