Schools and Government Are Still Stuck in March 2020, Not March 2021 (Full Zeoli Show 03-02-21)


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Today on the Zeoli Show, Philadelphia schools are opening up...sort of. Only a limited number of schools have agreed to open up to in-school learning while the teacher union is now demanding not only they be vaccinated before returning but also students as young as 5-years-old. They’re mindset of still being stuck in March of 2020 while the private sector is preparing for life in 2021 is why we continue struggling out of this.

00:00-Everyone is in on destroying Governor Andrew Cuomo now

7:15-Teacher Unions now demanding kids be vaccinated before returning to school

17:40-Royal Caribbean set to offer fully vaccinated cruises starting in May.

25:10-Cuomo's controversies all come back to the nursing home deaths

43:20-Lawmakers plan to investigate Governor Wolf's own handlings of Pennsylvania's nursing homes

45:00-A third accuser against Gov. Andrew Cuomo comes out for inappropriate behavior.

1:02:00-Democrats are trying to avoid Cuomo's nursing home scandal to spread to other Dem. Governors.

1:33:00-Chris Cuomo finally addresses the accusations against his brother.

1:38:25-Mayor De Blasio wants Governor Cuomo to resign if accusations are proven true over nursing home deaths being covered up.

1:42:10-Jen Psaki was uncomfortable when reading the transcripts of the Cuomo allegations.

1:53:35-Host of "Fox Across America" Jimmy Failla joined Rich to discuss the changes New York City has made since the pandemic and how it will never return to what it was before.

2:05:10-The roaring 2020s are coming

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