The Republican Party Still Stands Strong for 2022 and Beyond (Full Zeoli Show 02-26-21)


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Today on the Zeoli Show, Senator Mitch McConnell came out with strong words for the state of the Republican party post 2020. Despite the loss of the White House, the Republicans saw strong results in the Gubernatorial races Senate and House races that lay a strong foundation for 2022 and 2024. McConnell also gave his support to former President Trump in 2024, if the President decided to run. Networks continue to either ignore the Cuomo allegations or in ABC’s case call some of Cuomo’s comments as a “joke.” And it wasn’t long before President Biden launched his first military operation into Syria.

00:00-News networks continue to overhype the variants of COVID-19

11:15-AstraZeneca in the UK has already been planning to fight against variants

20:15-Networks continue ignoring Cuomo

23:40-Biden political aide admits the COVID-19 pandemic was best thing that happened for Biden to win

32:30-Mr. Potato Head goes gender-neutral

46:25-The Republican Party is still strong despite losing the White House in 2020

52:40-ABC News labels Cuomo's comments to Lindsey Boylan as a "joke"

1:02:40-California high school band members get their own individual tents

1:06:35-President Biden launches first military operation with an airstrike against a base in Syria.

1:13:20-Rand Paul questions Rachel Levine on issue of minors going through transgender procedures

1:26:25-FBI investigating American Airlines pilot reporting a suspected UFO around New Mexico.

1:45:00-Forest kindergarten trend gets kids in the "outdoor" classroom

1:53:00-CBS this Morning is VERY excited for the new CBS streaming service Paramount+

2:01:25-Jen Psaki doesn't want to say much on the Cuomo allegations

2:06:40-Progressives continue to fight President Biden on raising the minimum wage.

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