Superhumanship#25 - Storytelling and Micro-Adventures - Becoming a Better Human


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Superhumanship, is a podcast series which we run, helping you to navigate day to day life and encouraging you to be another ridiculously awesome human. Each week, we discuss and disseminate the top few pearls of wisdom shared by our previous weeks guest.

We believe that in this day and age, we are all leaders and people of influence. Therefore, we need to adapt and realise that we have this opportunity to take responsibility, and by contributing positively to society, that in-turn we make ourselves better humans, both individually and collectively!!

This week we spoke about…

  • Micro adventures
  • Garden camping, stargazing
  • Storytelling - finding common ground
  • Communication - disseminating facts from fiction
  • Auter theory
  • Ignorant arrogance
  • Using negative data positively
  • 99% of plastic pollution is missing
  • Why you are buying a plastic bottle, not water
  • Conservation changing technology

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