Superhumanship#26 - Truth and Openness - Becoming a Better Human


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Superhumanship, is a podcast series which we run, helping you to navigate day to day life and encouraging you to be another ridiculously awesome human. Each week, we discuss and disseminate the top few pearls of wisdom shared by our previous weeks guest.

This week we spoke about…

  • Expert advice: Who do you believe? Same expertise, completely opposing views
  • Finding the truth in a sea of information isn’t easy
  • Mental health / Anxiety: Topics is still in the shadows of our discussions
  • Loss of identity as a human
  • Strong alpha males being vulnerable is so empowering, brave, and a new way of leading
  • The old archetypes of masculinity can, and should be questioned
  • Personal growth involves making tough decisions
  • Ideas on how to improve your mental health

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