Rockpile Report - 247 - Re-Klein & Relax w/WGR550s Nate Geary


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NOW DO YOU BILL-IEVE?! This week WGR550 host Nate Geary joins us to recap SEAvsBUF & all of its intricacies! We discuss all of the ways our offense thrived, while Drew takes Nate to task over a critical moment of the game & his talk about how "there's little to criticize" from Sunday. Drew also delivers a passionate embrace of 2 players he routinely has bagged on, and his producer in the process. We also preview our matchup with Arizona - the places the balance of the game hangs from Murrays rushing to a surprising WR threat & more! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport Follow Nate on Twitter @nategearysports

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