Macro Economic Factors with Adam Lawrence


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Adam Lawrence joins me again in this episode to discus the Macro Factors affecting the economy, different markets and of course what that means for property investments.

Adam tells his story in episode 14 so make sure you have listened to that episode.

We look back over the past 12 months and what we discussed previously in episode 23 at the start of the pandemic as well as looking forward and discuss;

Sdlt extention.

What's made his mind change in terms of an inflation outlook.

QE and where has the money flowed to and what does that mean?

Household debt.

Are we in a stock market bubble and how is that measured?

Similarities to the dot com bubble.

Characteristics of a bubble.

Tech stocks and how they corrected in the past.

What should the government be investing in?

Infrastructure spending.

Climate change and green energy spending.

EPC plan to get to C and above.

Solar subsidies of the past.

Productivity, population and labour market.

The developed world baby bust and rate at which people are having babies and how that affects labour market.

Effects on housing.

How capital expenditure is needed to keep up with productivity.

What can improve the quantity and quality of the workforce?

What can improve the quantity and quality of assets?

Infrastructure spending.

Space per person in a household.

City living and work from home. Has the novelty worn off of WFH?

Desk space per worker.

Unemployment statistics and the values of jobs lost.

How does the type of unemployment affect specific markets?

What can the government do to lower their debt value without inflation going out of control?

How taxation policies may lower the tax take but be political vote winners?

How property behaves as a leveraged equity but has utility in line with commodities and how that may affect residential property outlook?

How uk housing is currently affordable?

How growth vs value assets behave out of recessions?

Why looking at total returns can be better than yield and how volatility in prices affects different areas?

Traps for investors chasing cash flow?

Investment opportunities going forward?

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