#60 Carlos "Caique" Elias


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Master Carlos “Caique” Elias is one of only eight men outside of the Gracie family to be awarded their black belt by Grand Master Helio Gracie along with Master Rickson Gracie, and was personally asked by Helio to move to the United States to be an instructor at the first Gracie academy in Torrence Califonia.

On this episode Master Caique reminisces about daily life with Master Helio, what he believes is the role of the Jiu Jitsu Instructor, what makes a good Jiu Jitsu student, and the importance of remembering that Jiu Jitsu is first and foremost a Self-defense martial art.

Here is The RŌL Radio with the man once referred to by Helio Gracie as his best student, and Coral Belt under Master Rickson Gracie, Carlos “Caique” Elias.
Episode Highlights:
2:25 Getting Back to Normal
8:18 The Value of Jiu Jitsu
16:48 Life with Master Helio
23:32 The Instructors Job
39:42 What UFC 1 Meant to Jiu Jitsu
43:25 What Makes a Good Student
53:50 Five Questions

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