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Today’s guest was already a black belt in a more traditional martial art and had his own martial arts school when he stepped onto the Jiu Jitsu mats for the first time. He became so obsessed with BJJ after that class, that when he returned to his school he informed his students that they would only be training BJJ from that moment on.

Mike Bidwell then went on one of the more unique journeys in BJJ. Listen as he discusses that journey, how Jiu Jitsu can affect all aspects of life, his beliefs on how much belts matter, his teaching and coaching philosophy, why he spent 13 years as a brown belt, and so much more.

Here is the RŌL Radio with the owner and instructor of Flow Life BJJ +, and the creator of BJJAFTER 40, Mike Bidwell.

Episode Highlights:
3:15 Pure Wisdom
4:50 Trying to be a Ninja
8:09 Jiu Jitsu Proves Itself
17:51 Filtering Online Content
24:23 Maturing within Jiu Jitsu
27:37 13 Years as a Brown Belt
36:36 Flow You
43:02 Finding Your Passion
47:18 Stuck in Moment
54:12 Applying Jiu Jitsu to Life
1:02:04 Five Questions

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