Art School the Disney Way


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The Gearheads have some cool friends and colleagues, and all have some superhuman talent, making our relationships that much more incredible. Art Alvarez is one of those gifted people, and the gang finally found a few minutes where schedules aligned, and we get the full Art school treatment. One of the pioneers of the early-1980's airbrush movement, Art Alvarez forged a path and a name for himself by pushing to learn the airbrush after seeing one in action at a car show. From there, it's a legendary rise through the ranks, touring with Ed Roth. Where some may have been satisfied at that, Art continued, landing a gig at Disney, drawing custom big rigs, rendering amazing cars, illustrating children's books and traveling the world as a Fine Artist. Oh, and that's just a part of the story.


  • It all starts with a love for cars and drawing in class
  • Art's brother's '55 Chevy Gasser
  • Managing a Foot Locker leads to a career with an airbrush
  • Growing up in San Ynez and Solvang
  • Learning the airbrush on his own
  • The venerable Paasche Model H
  • Earning a living with the aibrush
    – Moving back home
    – Making it big at the La Mirada Swap Meet
  • A chance meeting with Ed Roth
    – Touring with Ed
  • A portrait of Jackie Gleason opens the door to Disney
    – Working on backgrounds for Beauty and the Beast
    – Learning how to brush paint
  • Rehabbing rides like Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Using a dagger brush for all manners of line work
  • Building a portfolio between the Disneyland gig and working as Eddie Young's apprentice
  • Getting a foot in the door by being driven
  • Making the shift to digital

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