Bonus Episode Sample: John D'Agostino, Custom with a K


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Recorded in The Round Six Experience at the 70th Grand National Roadster Show, the Gearheads spent a few minutes catching up with John D'Agostino. In this special bonus episode sample, the Gearheads talk about John's 50th year at GNRS, special awards and traveling the world to spread the hobby of kustom cars.
If you've ever wanted to ride shotgun all over the world with the Johnny Appleseed of the custom car hobby, here it is. Huge thanks to John for his time, and look or a full-on episode soon, where we'll catch up on the world tour.


  • Fifty years of attending the Oakland Roadster Grand National Roadster Show
  • John's involvement with the hobby of kustom cars
  • The Crystal Award
  • Looking back on the "tent year" of GNRS in 1997
    – Barely getting into the show prior to cut-off
    – John invents "traditional racing kustoms"
  • Rainy show weekends and leaky roofs
    – Brian suggests an interactive salt rock display
  • Kustoms (and the women) of Budapest
  • Car shows in Istanbul
  • Richard Zocchi as ambassador to John D'Agostino
    – John's first ride in the '62 Grand Prix
    – The Marcos Garcia/Art Himsl connection
    – Procuring the Pontiac
  • The secret to John's display set-up
  • On popping a car VS opening all doors
    – The difference between a first place or a special award
  • The patronage aspect
    – Elevating the hobby by commissioning builds
  • "When he slams his finger in the door, it's always an even quarter-inch"

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