C-10's, Hollywood, Delmo and Art Heists


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Del Uschenko, better known in the C-10 and hot rod worlds as Delmo joins the Gearheads to talk trends, relocation and international art heists. Known world-wide as the man behind the "Delmo look," conversation runs wild from the early days in Canada to what's on the horizon. A lot to be learned and adopted to any small shop, whether just starting out, looking to re-brand or move... It's all about recognizing value in relationships a partnering with good people.


  • The move to the mountains – Burbank to Prescott
  • Del's Canadian roots
  • Shop decorating
    – The General Lee painting
    – International art heists
    – The stain on the wall
  • Starting trends
    – Adopting the brand that fans created from you work
    – Going at things backward
  • The Round Six connection to the Delmo brand
  • Hijacking your own brand
  • "Forums" and other antiquated methods of communicating in the car community back in the day
  • The AccuAir relationship and the value of partnering long-term
  • Delmo's hot rod roots
  • The C-10 thing
  • Del's inspiration – Cadzilla – The cars of Troy Trepanier – Foose's clean build style
  • The advantages of being in Burbank
  • Keeping things movie-themed, Brian goes Tarantino with the timeline
  • One-hundred percent organic, word-of-mouth growth
  • The Del S3 vintage-look LS engine
  • The infamous Y-block LS engine post
  • Brian proposes the "DELephant" late-model Hemi
  • Instant gratification on social media with regard to building a brand
    – Working at creating an audience
  • "Evil Del Wednesdays"
  • More great reality TV show pitches
  • Passion VS Effort
  • The value of deign and creativity when working with a budget
  • Re-purposing and bringing in unique items from all walks of life
  • The million-dollar build VS a restrained and intelligent build
  • The Philosophy and sheer terror of being turned loose, design-wise
  • Building a Street Freak
    – Brian becomes a lifestyle/style coach
    – Music selection
    – 8-tracks
  • The truck trend swinging in a new direction
    – The "too soon" move from Squarebody pickups to OBS
  • Trends, or the lack of any new ones
  • Tailoring your brand to a demographic and vice-versa

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