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The Gearheads sat down with Joe Yezzi of Squarebody Syndicate to talk truck builds, lifestyle branding, making a huge splash at the 2018 SEMA Show and hot-lapping at Indy.
If you're into the squarebody GM truck scene, then you know the Squarebody Syndicate brand. What began as a hobby has turned into a serious player in the lifestyle brand scene, and is one of the most recognizable brands in the C-10 community. Joe and Rob Yezzi set the pace, building a killer truck a couple of years back (SS01) that debuted in the Royal Purple booth. This past year, they stepped-up their game and went over the top with their 1976 GMC Indy Tribute, SS02.


  • Brian jumps right in like a teenager on Prom night
  • The 1976 Indy Tribute truck
    – A brief history of the build
    – The road to SEMA Show 2018
  • Building upon the success of Syndicate Series 01 from 2015
  • A chance meeting with Doug Boles
    – The SEMA Indy 500 promise
  • The Indy Truck reveal in the Royal Purple booth
  • The t-shirt model car box
    – The Round Six connection to Squarebody Syndicate
    – Logos, renderings and promotional materials
    – Brian's squarebody therapy adventure
  • Defining "Yezzi Clean"
  • It all declines into a brief shmooze-fest
  • Fusing 1970's hot rod influence with modern technology
  • "What if you hear a gasp when the cover comes off?"
  • Furthering the discussion of sidewall
    – Judicious use of the word "bulge"
    – The Gearheads nearly take the high road
    – It declines with a comparison of Scott Sullivan's bulge
  • Experiments and gambles
  • Joe and Brian research and explore wheels
  • The "Keystone Klassic Convo-Pro" that may have been
  • Covering beautiful custom-milled wheels with wrinkle finish
  • The episode goes all Tarantino
  • The road to Indy
    – Thirty hours on the road with no plan
  • Hot laps at Indy
  • The Indianapolis 500 VIP experience
  • Genesis of the Squarebody Syndicate brand
    – Organically turning a hobby to a business
    – Brian crafts a logo or fifteen
  • From apparel to parts
    – Dakota Digital gauges
    – Squarebody Syndicate-branded AccuAir controllers
    – The Syndicate Series Roadster Shop chassis
  • What's on the horizon
    – The M2 Machines Squarebody Syndicate lineup
  • – The creeper van
    – 4x4 market
    – The diesel market
  • On staying relevant
    – The people are the Syndicate
    – It's not a club, it's a lifestyle
  • Moving the brand into the future and the next generation
  • The importance of making the lifestyle a family experience

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