On the Wings of an Alex


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On episode sixty-eight, it's all about Alex. And starvation. But mostly Alex. And maybe menopause. And a Magic 8-Ball bowling ball. And soup. And souls and Camaros and angels. ...but mostly Alex.


  • The Boys get emotional about the plight of starving podcasters
  • Chicken soup for your ears, now with egg noodles!
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  • Touched by an Angel.....is that such a good thing?
  • Alex complains about always being in the back of the class
  • Brian comes up with a brilliant idea: The bowling ball sized Magic 8-Ball
  • Uncle David and his hot rod influence on Alex
  • Hot Rods in the neighborhood, and being "that kid"
  • Alex's first hot rod, a Schwinn Sting Ray
  • The Hustler, always trying to make money
  • Making the decision to join the Air Force and work on fighter planes
  • Getting out of the Air Force and working on the B-2 Bomber
  • Working at Edwards and being surrounded by incredible aerospace history
  • Alex the historian and statistics buff who can't cheat at Trivial Pursuit
  • The 1969 Camaro road trip and permanent hearing loss
  • Being in the service and always having cool cars
  • Selling one Camaro and buying another
  • Finding out that the '71 Camaro Rally Sport was a very special car
  • Alex talks Camaro paint colors, and how the years have made it easier to accept
  • Hot rods are always the last to get money and attention
  • The guys discuss sunroof ideas for the '71 Camaro
  • The Camaro almost got mini-tubbed and ruined
  • The ghost of Hardly Earl
  • Does this car have a Magnum V8?
  • Making quartz countertops from Quartz Juice
  • The mostly happy and kinda sad story of the 1958 Chevy truck
  • Brian talks about menopause and his secret project involving Ewoks
  • Lynn's Dad's 1968 Camaro RS and her childhood memories
  • The 1968 Camaro project.......Monster Rally or Stadium 'Maro?
  • Starting a new series of building a hot rod by the most frugal means possible.
  • Making $11 bucks the hard way
  • Roadside milk jugs full of "Gatorade"
  • Wilford Brimley joins the show and promotes "Oatmeal Night"
  • Favorite Boy Bands and cowboy forehead bandanas
  • The emotion comes back, thanks to Sarah McLaughlin
  • Round Six discusses their "Chinese Democracy" concept album.

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