Shredded Belts and a Howling Rear End


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Elana Scherr from Edmunds joins the Gearheads for an evening of laid-back conversation. From first cars to new cars, phone connectivity to all wheel drive buggy design and all points in between, this one runs in all directions. If you were a reader of Hot Rod Magazine over the last eight or so years, you no doubt recognize the name Elana Scherr from her byline and her occasional tales of daily-driving a classic car in LA traffic.
We discuss careers in journalism, dog ownership to breeding Lamborghins, we go places so that you don't have to. That said, buckle in an enjoy the ride here on episode fifty-eight.


  • Covering races in Baja
    – Riding chase though the desert
  • The gang pitches a new brand of motorsport
    – Elana goes full-size 1970's car autocross with it
    – "Carts and Cones"
  • Elana's career
    – Sculptor's assistant to composite fabrication
    – Working in PR
    – Freelance writing to Hot Rod Magazine
    – Current gig with Edmunds
  • Elana's humble hot rod beginnings
    – Didn't learn to drive until twenty-one
    – The '73 Duster that started it all with a starter
  • The first engine rebuild
    – Marrying your engine builder
  • The episode goes from Mexico to Canada, then to LeMans
    – Pantsless Germans and carnival rides, oh my
    – "What is the French word for Tilt-a-Whirl?"
  • Crafting a career in Public Relations
  • Networking and the .3-degrees of separation in the hot rod world
  • Alternative career choices
  • Brian pitches a passive-aggressive car magazine
  • Elana's daily driver troubles
    – Shredded belts and a howling rear end
  • Alex suggests the banana peel fix for the rear diff noise
    – "Bananas and ninety-weight"
    – "Holistic hot rodding"
  • Looking back on vintage new car reviews
  • The "lens of modernity" with regard to old car reviews in the present day
  • A discussion of new car features
  • Talking new car impressions and opinion-changing test drives
    – Design and luxury versus cost
    – How cheaper cars "punish" the frugal
  • Vipers and male attraction
  • Working on the Prudhomme biography
  • Talking Lamborghini Muira design beauty

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