#43: Gareth Jenkinson | Interviewing Siya Kolisi After The 2019 World Cup Final & Revitalising Rugby In South Africa


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Gareth Jenkinson is a sports journalist and is one of the team now leading the launch of Rugby Bricks South Africa. This episode covers some special moments:

  • How Gareth interviewed Siya Kolisi as he walked off the pitch after winning the 2019 Rugby World Cup
  • How Gareth’s career in journalism has led him to speak with some of the greatest minds in rugby in South Africa
  • How Rugby Bricks has expanded to South Africa and the key pivotal players of Mike De Beer and Dylan Wilkinson that have helped us launch

This interview is a great insight into how far we’ve come at Rugby Bricks and if you’re a rugby fanatic you’ll get to hear some great stories here.

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