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Never go full GEEK! A bit of an unusual episode this week. We have all of the regular nerdy news and reviews you expect, but we also talk quite a bit about current events. Covering USA election news, the lives of moose in Northern Ontario, and how Whole Foods banned and then reversed their decision on wearing poppies.

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special trailer. The only trailer we cover this week is a fun mash-up of the entire Star Wars film and television franchise. Streaming on Disney+ as of November 17th.

Sony's PlayStation 5 is having trouble. There will not be enough consoles in store on November 12 launch day. This is mainly due to COVID restrictions and scalpers buying up all the pre-order stock to sell on eBay.

Johnny Depp exits from the Fantastic Beasts film franchise.

Things we watched this week! Talking about Blood of Zeus, The Boys and The Witcher. Also discussing episode 4 of Star Trek Discovery's third season. We have reviews on Upgrade and Project Power. We wrap up TV talk with Lucifer, Ratched and a weird chat about reality TV.

Battle Mech suits based on animals of Earth. If you could design a battle suit inspired by a real creature, what would it be and why? Send your answers to therustedrobot@gmail.com

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