RHS 089 - Jennifer Linton on the Secret Sales Superpower of Data


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In the latest episode of the Ryan Hanley Show, host Ryan Hanley interviews Jennifer Linton, the Founder, and CEO of Fenris Digital. Jennifer joins the podcast to talk about the often misunderstood superpower of data…MORE SALES. Jennifer also talks about the impact of embedded insurance and how her company is competing with data giants to deliver data resources downstream to retail agencies and start-ups.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jennifer shares her background. (11:54)
  • Jennifer mentions what embedded insurance is. (13:57)
  • Jennifer shares why she considers embedded insurance a game-changer. (19:45)
  • Jennifer mentions the huge issue for their agency. (31:20)
  • Jennifer gives a little background about their data and system complexity. (32:27)
  • Jennifer mentions the reason why they have broad data. (34:45)
  • Jennifer shares how most of their API's function. (36:26)
  • Where does Jennifer’s agency data come from? (45:25)
  • Jennifer shares one of the next products they’re going to launch. (55:20)
  • Jennifer shares what they would do for their clients. (56:26)

Key Quotes:

  • “I honestly believe that the best solution is to meet the customer where they are. Get that product started, get the best information in there.” - Jennifer Linton
  • “We want to make a good customer experience and a good agent experience. The only way to do that is because you need data, you have to have data, and consumers don't understand why you need so much data. Because they're used to other channels where they can buy something with a click or a couple of questions.” - Jennifer Linton
  • “I think it's important to always try to find the right partners, we just keep an eye on not just the data, but the benefit. So, we've got to make sure there's a good problem we're solving with that data, and when that makes sense, it opens up the entire world.” - Jennifer Linton

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