"Mr. James Seven" vs. Legacy, the Bucks are in Trouble, and Head Coach Steve Nash. Plus: Many Questions With Kyle Brandt.


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Russillo shares his thoughts on the Rockets closing out Game 7 against the Thunder, the Brooklyn Nets hiring Steve Nash as their head coach, and the Bucks' trouble down 0-2 in their Round 2 series against the Heat (1:39). He's then joined by Kyle Brandt to discuss his recent episode of '10 Questions' with Kirk Cousins; the 12-year saga that led to booking Aaron Rodgers on the premier episode; his career transitions, including playing football at Princeton, 'The Real World: Chicago,' 'Days of Our Lives,' and producing 'The Jim Rome Show' and 'Good Morning Football'; how nine years of working as a producer prepared him for his career on air; working out; and more (21:09). Finally, Russillo answers a few listener-submitted Life Advice questions (1:15:22).

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