Dealing with Indifference…


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For awhile, I have been answering listener-submitted questions, and continue to do so in this episode (if YOU want to ask a question, send it to This week, I respond to a couple of questions about a spouse's indifference and/or resistance to attempts at connection. It can be frustrating when you so desperately want to rebuild a marriage. Maybe your spouse claims to want the same. Maybe your spouse just doesn't respond much at all. A little conversation... that goes nowhere. Or attempts at conversation... that go nowhere. It can feel frustrating and defeating. How should you understand the situation? What can you do about it? Can you make progress? We discuss these questions (and more) in this episode of the Save The Marriage Podcast. Listen below. RELATED RESOURCES 3 Step Process 3 C's of Doing It Importance of Connection When Spouse Can't See A Way Resentment and Anger Save The Marriage System

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