Disrespect and Boundaries


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"A" has been trying to set boundaries with her husband. Trying to get the treatment she deserves. Trying to get the relationship to a healthy spot. But then, her spouse throws a little shade her way... rolling eyes, using a demeaning tone. What should she do to set a boundary on that?, she asks. During the last few episodes of the Save The Marriage Podcast, I've been tackling your questions -- questions submitted by listeners. (If you have a question for consideration, email it to me HERE.) In this case, A has a good hold on what to do when, say, her spouse raises his voice or calls her names. But what about those less-clear actions -- using a "you're so stupid" tone (note that this requires you to read a tone... not always a good thing to try). Sometimes, boundaries are clear. You know how to set them. I even have a whole chapter on it in the primary module of Save The Marriage System. But when it is more subtle... a little harder to pin down. And a little harder to call someone on. What about that? I cover it in this week's Save The Marriage Podcast. Listen below. RELATED RESOURCES Setting Boundaries Boundaries and Control Healing Hurt Expectations and Agreements Conflict Save The Marriage System

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