“How Do You Deal With Bitterness And Resentment?” – Listener Question


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.Resentment eats away at any relationship. It can destroy a marriage. Bitterness takes over and every good memory or thought is re-remembered and "bitter-ized" The foundational connection in the relationship is sapped of energy. Love and connection is slowly replaced with hate and disgust. Can it be healed? Can you heal the resentment? "Jared" wrote to me about his situation. It seems that his spouse has felt unappreciated for years. And even when Jared tried to change, to do better, that only threw fuel on the fire. Instead of healing, the resentment seemed to grow. So, Jared asked me, "How do you deal with long term bitterness and resentment?" Maybe your particular situation and details are different. But anger and resentment (and the ensuing bitterness) affects many marriages. Troubled marriages are always hurting marriages, which comes out in anger and bitterness. Can anything be done? Is there a path toward healing? I cover the situation and the hope in the podcast. Listen below. RELATED RESOURCES Conflict In Marriage Communication Mistakes Dealing With Anger Showing Up In Marriage Save The Marriage System

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