“How Long?” Trust, Trauma, and Towels


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I'm still answering your questions! If you have a question you want me to cover on the podcast, just SEND ME AN EMAIL HERE. Today, we cover "time." Or more specifically, "How Long?" The questions come from 2 listeners, "B" and "J." B asked about how long it takes to recover from broken trust. He follows up with wondering about PTSD symptoms and breaking trust. If your relationship suffers from broken trust, I cover the issue of healing time... and what you can do about that time. I also go into some discussion about trust and trauma, to make sure you understand how that might affect your relationship. And J is interested in how long to keep up the efforts before you "throw in the towel." J says that they are in a "lock." I disagree, and I cover how to think through the stuck spot... what it means, why you might be wrong, and how to keep on moving forward. Trauma, Time, and Towels. I cover them in this episode of the Save The Marriage Podcast. Don't miss it! Listen below. RELATED RESOURCES What You CAN Control Trust and Marriage Importance of Apology Showing Up Save The Marriage System Books by Lee

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