“I’m Just Not Happy”… The Excuse to Leave?


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What do you do when a spouse declares, “I’m not happy,” as the reason the marriage has to end? Or how about, “You’re not happy,” or “I can’t make you happy”? I have heard this reason given over and over. It is a common (but false) belief that a marriage needs to end because spouses can’t make each other happy. The fact is, you cannot make your spouse happy. And your spouse can’t make you happy. But that isn’t even the goal! (Just to be fair, it is possible to make someone miserable! But make them happy? Nope. Not possible. Ever.) What does it mean when a spouse wants to end a marriage due to “not being happy”? And what do you do? How do you respond? That is the topic of our conversation on this episode of the Save The Marriage Podcast. You can listen below. RELATED RESOURCES Dealing With YOUR Resentment Dealing With YOUR SPOUSE’S Resentment Showing Up Courageous Compassion 3 C’s of Saving Your Marriage System To Save Your Marriage

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