“My Therapist Says Divorce!” – Listener Question


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"In our very first session, our therapist told me that we were divorcing and I need to accept it," Claire wrote. I invited people to submit questions. And Claire did. (You can, too, by EMAILING HERE.) Here is what happened: Claire wanted to save her marriage. Her husband thought it was over. Claire convinced him to go to therapy. But then, near the end of the first session (and as it turns out, the only session), the therapist turned to Claire and announced that the marriage was over and she needed to accept it. Claire was shocked. No efforts to work on the relationship. No discussion on what might be possible. Just a declaration that the marriage was over... not from her husband, but from the therapist! I only wish this was the first time to have heard pretty much the same story... but I have heard it over and over. Does a therapist have a right to announce that divorce is inevitable? Should a therapist work on the relationship first? Let's talk about 3 dangers that come up for therapy... and what to do about them. RELATED RESOURCES Can Therapy Help? The Dangers of Marital Therapy Myths of Marital Therapy What Your Therapist Won't Tell You Am I Against Therapy? How To Start System To Save Your Marriage CLICK TO EMAIL A QUESTION

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