Staying the Course in a Crisis (or 2)


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The phrase, “Stay the Course,” comes from the commitment in battle to continue moving toward your goal, regardless of obstacles or difficulties. So first, let’s let go of the battle analogy. You aren’t in battle. But you are fighting for your marriage. And in this moment, you are fighting to keep yourself and your family safe. Those are the goals. And that is the problem. A single crisis is tough enough. But a crisis, squared. It isn’t just double. The struggle is exponential. That’s because a crisis on top of a crisis is not cumulative. It can feel like it multiplies the struggle. So, then, how do you stay the course? I cover these 4 ways in this episode of the Save The Marriage Podcast: Have a plan. Practice extra patience and grace. Refuse to absorb anxiety. Do the Next Right Thing. Listen below for the details on each. RELATED RESOURCES Why You Need A Plan Emotions and Your Marriage Dealing with Fear Save The Marriage System

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