The Affair… and The Aftermath


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Question: does an affair cause marital problems or do marital problems cause affairs? Answer: YES. Longer answer: for the majority of affairs, weak points in the marriage create a vulnerability to infidelity. There is another necessary element... but problems do cause vulnerability. But when infidelity is committed, the problem deepens. Affairs end up creating both a personal and a marital crisis... often for both spouses. And then, there is the aftermath... what comes AFTER the affair is ended. In this episode of the podcast, I tackle two submitted questions: "What causes an affair? Why did it happen in OUR marriage?" and "What is the typical aftermath in an affair for the spouse who broke it off?" In these two cases, the questions are not academic. They are wound up in the marital crisis that is unwinding... or stuck... and infidelity is a major issue. If you are in the midst of a marital crisis, your relationship could be vulnerable... and if your spouse (or you) has committed infidelity, this can help you understand what might happen when the affair is ended. Listen below. RELATED RESOURCES: Other Affair Episodes Connection and Marriage Book: Recovering From Infidelity Program: Save The Marriage System

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