What Now? – Saving your marriage in the midst of a pandemic


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First, you were caught in the swirling whirlwind of a marriage crisis. Now, to add to that, a pandemic is taking over. Whatever fears you had about your marriage are now layered with your concerns about your health (and the health of loved ones). It is amazing how quickly things are moving. This crisis has been on the radar since the first of the year. But as with many things (including a marriage struggle), most people don’t pay much attention until it is cascading into a crisis. Then, we are playing “catch up.” Trying desperately to get ahead of the situation. But generally finding ourselves falling further and further behind. A crisis tests us. Both a marriage crisis and a world crisis. They test us. To see whether we rise up or give up. Whether we go with what matters or what is easy. Do we act in fear or lead with courage? We talk about this in this episode of the Save The Marriage Podcast. Listen below. RELATED RESOURCES Being a WE Importance of Connection Dealing with Fear in Marriage Dealing with Fear in Life Save The Marriage System

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