Why It All Came Tumbling Down


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“It suddenly fell apart,” Jenny told me. As far as she could tell, everything had been great until… one day… her husband said, “our marriage is over.” Before that, Jenny said, there had been no trouble. Why did it all come tumbling down? Rob told me that, sure, there had been some issues along the way. But he didn’t know his wife was ready to leave… until “out of the blue, she moved out and said we were done!" Why did it all come tumbling down? George told me, “I just want us to get back to where we were… before the crisis." My response to George was, “Where you were got you to where you are. You can’t just go back to there. You need to build a new relationship!" I told both Jenny and Rob that I very seriously doubted that the crisis was quite so “out of the blue.” They just didn’t see it coming. But brick by brick, piece by piece, their relationship was being pulled apart long before it all came tumbling down. And it is very likely that both they and their spouses bore responsibility. In this episode of the Save The Marriage Podcast, we explore the roots of trouble, so you can begin to consider why your marriage didn’t just start to crumble. RELATED RESOURCES Book: Marriage Failpoint Save The Marriage System Connection and Marriage Healing Disconnection Change Yourself

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