“Why Should I Even Try?” – When Discouragement Hits… Hard


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Several people have asked me the same thing: "What if I am not even sure I want to save my marriage? I am so frustrated and discouraged, I feel like quitting... not even trying." It is a great question! (By the way, if you want to submit a question for me to consider answering on a future podcast, email to podcast@SaveTheMarriage.com) Let's be honest: it can be a frustrating and discouraging process. Sometimes, people think I say the process is easy. But in my book, How To Save Your Marriage In 3 Simple Steps, I use the word, "Simple." That is not the same as easy. Just direct. Simple. (Only 3 steps.) Many people, in a fit of frustration, a moment of anger, give up and walk away... only to regret it just a little further down the road. Which is why I suggest you think about your decision a bit differently. I suggest you assess your reasons as part of your plan, and as a touch-point when things are difficult (and they will be). Because many times, the difficulty comes when people are close to success... they just didn't know it. If you are discouraged (or want to avoid being discouraged), listen in on this episode of the podcast, as I explore "Why Even Try???" RELATED RESOURCES You Need A Plan Emotions and Choices Getting Perspective Self-Care Build Your Team Grab The Save The Marriage System

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