Your Questions About Infidelity, part 2


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In the last episode, I answered questions about infidelity and marriage. Well, I started answering questions. Since I started asking for your questions, I have received quite a few about affairs and infidelity. So, I continue answering questions in this episode of the Save The Marriage Podcast. Last episode, we focused more on what to do while there is an affair, emotional or physical. This episode focuses a bit more on the aftermath. What do you do when the affair is ending/has ended? Especially if there is still contact! What do you do with those thoughts and fears? What do you do about trust? How do you rebuild the relationship in the shadow of cheating? Especially if the cheating spouse is not doing what you want them to do in the recovery process? And by the way, what’s “normal” in an upside-down reality? We cover that and more! Listen below for my answers to listener questions on infidelity (part 2) RELATED RESOURCES: Book: Recovering From The Affair Infidelity Questions, Part 1 Other Infidelity Podcast Episodes Truth About Trust Aftermath of An Affair Apologizing and Forgiving Importance of Connection

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