S4E3 - 6 Horror Stories: Ghost Cars, Sleepwalkers, Haunted Antiques, and Entities


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Stories Used For This Episode

Story 1: " The I-90 ghost car" by TheKeyOfCFlatt (2:09 – 6:07)


Story 2: “The Chilhowie Ghost Car” – Anonymous Caller (8:16 – 15:27)

Story 3: “The Sleepwalker” – Anonymous Caller (21:59 – 24:09)

Story 4: " I bought an old frame from goodwill and a year later, I still can’t explain the events that followed" by vodka_ylee (27:04 – 45:30)

Story 5: “Entity at the Arkansas Ranch” – Anonymous Caller (45:36 – 50:18)


Story 6: " My dead cousin is bribing me” by bubonicplagiarism (51:23 – 56:42)




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