Episode 198: Maracaibo and a Short Topic Extravaganza


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Hey Now Cabalists and Happy New Year! First, we start off with a challenge from a Cabalist on our forums and then get busy with some games we've been playing including: Flotilla, Era: Medieval Age, Fast Sloths, Tapestry, Istanbul The Dice Game, The Others and Cthulhu Death May Die! Then we announce a new series of T-Shirts featuring Steve's artwork. Then we get busy with a feature review of Maracaibo from Alexander Pfister and Capstone Games. Then after Tony T throws some tabletop gaming news at us, we host another Short Topic Extravaganza featuring Steve's Jokes, how games have changed over the years and dealing with a gaming group with varying tastes. Maracaibo Overview 01:00:19, Maracaibo Review 01:04:36, News with Tony T 01:30:30, Short Topic Extravaganza 02:22:00

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