Episode 212: Nevada City and a Short Topic Extravaganza


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Hey Now all you wonderful Cabalists! Today the gang is back in action to break balls, talk about awesome board games and provide some series low buffoonery. Today we start out by chatting up games including Altiplano, Spirit Island: Branch and Claw, Sonora, Set A Watch, Tapestry and Stick’em. Then we jump into a feature review of Nevada City designed by Alan D. Ernstein and published by Rio Grande Games. Then Tony T provides a comprehensive look into the board game industry with his top-notch news segment. And finally the Founders go into some more listener submitted questions including crossovers in board games, unique mechanisms and with special guest question answerers, Bender and Aaron from Lords of the Dungeon, we discuss which Warhammer 40k armies we play and which ones we're looking to start next. Nevada City Overview 00:53:42, Nevada City Review 00:58:06, News with Tony T 01:26:57, Short Topic Extravaganza 02:12:58

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