Episode 213: Forgotten Waters and The Cabalists Court with Judge Topper


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Hey Now Cabalists! It's another Cabal Wednesday and we jump right in talking about the new Documentary called The Game Masters about hobby board games. Then we get into the games we've been playing including Cosmic Encounter: Duel, Clank!, Back to the Future: Back In Time, Newton, Deckscape, Colosseum and Legendary Encounters Alien: Covenant and Queen Expansions. Then we throw down a feature review of Forgotten Waters from Plaid Hat Games. Then after Tony Topper gets busy with his award winning news segment, Judge Topper dons his robes and powdered wig to call the Cabalist Court into session including cases involving an old gaming friend not coming around anymore, AEG purging Kickstarter pledges and a gaming friend who gets upset when people attack him in games. Forgotten Waters Overview 01:00:11, Forgotten Waters Review 01:06:30, News with Tony T 01:39:47, The Cabalists Court with Judge Topper 02:29:38

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