37. CISO v Head of Information Security with Claire Pales


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This season I am recording some solo episodes, answering the big questions that I hear often when doing consulting work. I'm excited to share some of the experiences I have had during my career in security.

In this solo episode I answer a question that I am often asked by CIOs when we are going through the hiring process; what is the difference between a CISO and a Head of Information Security?


Time Stamps:

  • 01:01 - Key difference between a CISO and a Head of Information Security
  • 01:31 - What is a CISO?
  • 01:54 - Does a start-up need a CISO?
  • 02:15 - How to tell you are ready for a CISO
  • 02:52 - The role of the CISO
  • 05:46 - The role of the Head of Information Security
  • 08:00 - A final word

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