Ep. #71, Changing Culture with Nitzan Blouin


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On today’s episode, Guy Podjarny, President and Co-Founder of Snyk talks to Nitzan Blouin. Nitzan’s background combines engineering and product management. She built six QA test departments from scratch while bulletproofing big data with mobile products. Nowadays, she’s leading Spotify’s product security team. In this episode, Nitzan digs into changing culture, something that she has managed a couple of times before in a variety of contexts. She shares a bit about her journey from quality assurance to security and how they are essentially two sides of the same coin. We get a step-by-step process from Nitzan, about how she sought to create a plan that would solve security as an engineering problem at Spotify. She also has some tips about interaction models, hiring a diverse team, and talking to your customers. Tune in today for more on changing culture, from Nitzan Blouin!

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